Genius house repair life hacks – DIY

Now Hammer nails the right Way!

Getting your thumb nailed to the ply board isn’t the best talent for you as a DIY repairman. Here are a few nifty tricks to get more productivity with very little effort!

Use a pair of simple pliers to hold down the nails in place. With a firm grip on the nail and the pliers, hammer down the head of the nail from a safe distance for your fingers.

You could also use daily plastic or wooden pegs to grab the nails in the right position and hammer thorough.


Drill like a Pro

Fumbling around with screws and the drill machine is not going to help anyone in getting the work done faster. For super speed in your work, just put a tiny magnet on the base of the drill bit of your machine. The screws will stick to the bit and you can drill faster and with laser precision!


Don’t Mess it up.

Painting can be a tough and a messy job. Rollers, brushes and palette if left ‘paint-ridden’ can make your equipment unusable and who likes to clean up after a day’s hard work. Fret not! Aluminium foil is here to the rescue! Simply lay over the aluminium foil over your palette before pouring paint on it.

Just gather the foil, crumble it up and throw it away for a brand new palette.


Knot Knot!

 For anyone who is a tech enthusiast, the jungle of wires is not an uncommon sight. Too many devices and too few power ports. The most common way to is to use an extension cord. These too can be a nightmare to handle at times. The best way to keep the cords connected and resistant to tugs and pulls is to tie the cords up before plugging them in.

This helps reduce wire length and strengthens the joint.









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