Where should I place my TV?

No matter what size or type of TV you just bought, it’s placement usually takes a lot of pondering. Maybe that spot where the old TV was isn’t good for the new one. Maybe a slight shuffle here and there will yield better picture quality.

At the end of the day, the perfect placement is always a personal choice. But I can point you in the right direction ( toward the screen).

     1. Check Height

The most comfortable height for the viewers is at eye level. Not too high, not too low. The perfect spot so that you don’t stress your eyes or your neck. Tell your electrician to mount the TV on a height such that the centre of the TV is at about eye level, or even slightly lower.

     2. Check Distance

The distance from the TV has an impact on two things, one being the resolution and other the field of view. Most people sit about nine feet from the TV, which is too far to distinguish between 1080p and 720p TVs of most sizes. Sitting closer

to the TV improves viewed resolution and fills up more of your field of view. Place your furniture keeping this in mind!

 3. Check for Glares

The no. 1 destroyer of your daily soaps and the new GOT episode!! It is the most irritating and disturbing thing to see your own face when your favourite character enters a dark ally!
Sometimes just tilting or angling the screen slightly can eliminate a lot of glare.

     4. Check Ventilation

Everyone needs some breathing space, so does
that beautiful new baby (your TV I mean).
Make sure that the electrician you call leaves enough space it. The TV installation manual will give you the exact space to leave. If it’s a flat wall mount screen, space at the back is not necessary, but leave some air space at the top of the screen.

You could waste your precious time, making sure that your Nukkad electrician does a good job for you or you could just call LocalMistri and have our experienced and well trained electricians take a stab at it (not literally).


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