Be Your Own Handyman!

As a kid I always observed the handyman in great awe of his work. You know, your house is a mess, people are shouting at each other, it`s hot and suddenly he walks in like batman with a belt around his waist carrying lots of tools, that you always seem to pretend you know everything about.  You see him making small holes in your wall, hammering stuff and within a fraction of second it`s all done. Well any idiot with cool gadgets cannot become batman but any man with the right kind of tools and some basic knowledge about them can definitely become their own handyman.

As this batman always doesn’t come for free it is better to learn about these tools and DO IT YOURSELF!! Here are according to me some basic tools everyone should have at their house and their applications in our life A screwdriver is a tool basically used for  turning screws. It has a handle, a shaft and a tip that the user inserts into the screw head to turn it. The most commonly used and essential types of screwdrivers are Philips and Flathead screwdriver. A screwdriver with interchangeable tips is a compact, convenient alternative to a drawer full of tools. No toolbox is complete without a hammer. It has two ends. The dome shaped end Is used to drive nails in while the other is used to pull them out.  There are many types of hammers available in the market. The most commonly used type of hammers are ball peen hammers and sledge hammers. A drilling machine is a tool fitted with a cutting tool attachment or driving tool attachment. It is a multipurpose device. It not only drills holes but with different bits can be used to sand and grind materials and can even be used to stir paints.

Allen keys or allen wrenches are small, lightweight L-shaped tools used to drive bolts and screws with hexagonal sockets in the head. They are used for bike repairs and furniture repairs. Either end of the tool can be used to take advantage of reach or torque. Locking and adjustable pliers are used to hold objects firmly in one position. There arrangement creates an advantage as the entire force is focused on the object with precision. Unlike what the name might suggest it is a very important tool used to find framing studs which will help us secure shelves,hangings etc.


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